Pure pooja Camphor


Pure pooja camphor, sourced from natural sources, embodies sacredness in Hindu rituals. Its fragrant smoke purifies spaces, symbolizing the dispelling of negativity and the invocation of positive energy. Used in aarti and homa ceremonies, it enhances spiritual ambiance, fostering focus and reverence in worship.

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Pure pooja camphor, derived from natural sources, holds sacred significance in Hindu rituals. Its fragrant smoke symbolizes purification, dispelling negativity and inviting positive energy. Used in aarti and homa ceremonies, it elevates spiritual ambiance, fostering deep reverence and focus. The calming aroma induces mental clarity and serenity, aiding meditation and prayer. Sourced from camphor trees, its purity ensures authentic ritual practices. Beyond religious contexts, camphor finds applications in aromatherapy and traditional medicine for its therapeutic properties. Pure pooja camphor, with its symbolic and practical benefits, remains an integral part of Hindu worship, enriching spiritual experiences with its divine essence.

How to Use

To use pure pooja camphor, place a small piece on a camphor holder or a heat-resistant plate. Light it with a match or lighter, and let it burn completely, releasing its aromatic fragrance. Use it during pooja (prayer) rituals to purify the air and create a sacred atmosphere. Store camphor in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Weight : 50 Gm


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