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Premium Agarbatti for Blissful Pooja Rituals

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Transform Your Space with Divine Fragrances

Infuse your home with serenity and spirituality through our premium, handcrafted agarbatti, made from natural ingredients.

Chandan Agarbatti​
4 in 1 Incense sticks​
4 in 1 Incense sticks (Zip Lock)​
Discover The Collection

Ancient Aromas, Modern Calm

Discover tranquility with our traditional dhoop, blending ancient aromas for a serene, modern lifestyle.

Dhoop Sticks​
Pure pooja Camphor​
Pooja Camphor Jar​

Pure and Authentic Puja Essentials Delivered

Get pure, authentic puja essentials delivered to your doorstep for a flawless and sacred ritual experience.

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Embark on your journey toward divine fulfillment with our comprehensive selection of sacred puja essentials.

Unlock Your Wishes with Our Trusted Puja Essentials

Unlock your deepest desires with our trusted, high-quality puja essentials designed for successful rituals.

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    Hanuman Chalisa & Aarti Sangrah

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    Hawan Samidha (Wood)

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Enhance your festivities with Manokamna’s offerings, igniting joy and spiritual elevation in every celebration.

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