Hanuman Chalisa & Aarti Sangrah

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Chalisa & Aarti Sangrah is a compilation of devotional hymns and prayers in Hinduism. This collection features sacred verses dedicated to various deities, providing spiritual nourishment and guidance. Ideal for daily rituals or special occasions, it offers a profound connection to divine energies and timeless traditions.

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Chalisa & Aarti Sangrah is a treasury of devotional hymns and prayers in Hinduism, encompassing verses dedicated to revered deities. This compilation holds profound spiritual significance, offering devotees a means to connect with divine energies and express reverence through rhythmic recitations. Whether for daily rituals or special occasions, these sacred texts inspire devotion, foster inner peace, and strengthen cultural ties. Each chalisa and aarti holds a unique essence, invoking blessings and invoking a sense of harmony with the cosmos. Through its timeless verses, the Sangrah serves as a guiding light on the path of devotion and spiritual fulfillment.

How to Use

Hanuman Chalisa is a sacred hymn praising Lord Hanuman’s virtues. Recite it with devotion, either daily or on Tuesdays and Saturdays, to seek his blessings for strength and protection.

Aarti Sangrah contains hymns praising various deities. Perform Aarti with a lit lamp, circling it before the deity, expressing reverence and devotion.


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