Cotton Batti Long


Cotton Batti Long, crafted from pure cotton fibers, is an eco-friendly lighting solution ideal for religious rituals and everyday use. Emitting minimal smoke and odor, it symbolizes purity and illumination, providing a warm glow for prayers, ceremonies, and festive celebrations, embodying simplicity and sustainability in traditional practices.

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Cotton Batti Long, a staple in Indian households, is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighting solutions. Made from pure cotton fibers, it offers a slow, steady burn, emitting minimal smoke and odor. Ideal for religious rituals, it symbolizes purity and illumination, enhancing the spiritual ambiance with its warm glow. Its long-lasting nature and affordability make it a preferred choice for various occasions, from daily prayers to festive celebrations. Beyond its religious significance, Cotton Batti Long finds utility in everyday tasks like lighting diyas and candles, embodying simplicity, sustainability, and cultural heritage in modern lifestyles.

How to Use

Cotton batti long, or cotton wicks, are integral for Hindu rituals like Aarti. Insert them into oil or ghee-filled lamps or diyas. Light the wick with a flame, symbolizing the presence of the divine. Wave it before deities, illuminating the sacred space, and offer prayers with devotion, invoking blessings and spiritual guidance.


Number of Batti : 50 Units


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