Manokamna Kalawa


Kalawa, a sacred Hindu thread, signifies protection and blessings. Tied around the wrist during religious ceremonies, it wards off evil and symbolizes a bond with the divine. With red and yellow hues embodying vitality, Kalawa invokes blessings and prosperity, serving as a tangible symbol of faith and divine protection.

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Kalawa, also known as Mauli or Kalava, is a sacred Hindu thread symbolizing protection and blessings. Typically tied around the wrist during religious ceremonies or auspicious occasions, it signifies a bond with the divine and wards off evil. Its red and yellow hues embody vitality and auspiciousness, invoking blessings and prosperity. Beyond its spiritual significance, Kalawa holds cultural importance, uniting individuals in shared faith and reverence, serving as a tangible reminder of divine grace and protection in the journey of life.

How to Use

Kalawa, also known as Mauli or sacred thread, is tied around the wrist during Hindu ceremonies symbolizing protection and blessings. Hold it with reverence, encircle the wrist while reciting prayers or mantras, and knot it thrice. Wear it until it naturally falls off, signifying the fulfillment of wishes and divine guidance.


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