Manokamna Dhoop Sticks

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Dhoop sticks, crafted from aromatic natural ingredients, emit fragrant smoke that purifies and enhances the ambiance during rituals and meditation. Revered for their calming properties, they create a serene atmosphere conducive to spiritual practices, making them an essential part of devotional ceremonies and daily rituals.

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Dhoop sticks, derived from a blend of natural fragrances and aromatic resins, hold deep spiritual significance in various cultures, notably in Hindu rituals and meditation practices. When ignited, these sticks release fragrant smoke, purifying the environment and invoking a sense of tranquility and sanctity. Their soothing aroma promotes focus and relaxation, facilitating deep introspection and connection with the divine. Whether used in temples, homes, or meditation spaces, dhoop sticks serve as a conduit for spiritual elevation, enriching the ambiance with their calming essence and fostering a deeper connection to the inner self and the sacred realms.

How to Use

To use dhoop sticks, light one end with a match or lighter until it ignites. Let it burn for a few moments, then blow out the flame, allowing the stick to smolder and release fragrant smoke. Place it in an appropriate holder and position it in the desired space for a calming, aromatic ambiance.


Pack Content : 1 pack of 15 No Cones
Size : 2.5 inches
Item Form : Cone
Number of Sticks : 15 N
Burning Time : 15 Minutes


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